Gravitational Waves: New Frontier


January 16 – 18, 2013

Research Park, Seoul National University, Seoul, KOREA

It is nearly a century since Albert Einstein solved the puzzle of apparent instantaneous action at a distance which plagued Newtonian gravity for centuries. His theory of general relativity predicts gravitational waves, 'ripples' in spacetime, which propagate with the speed of light through the universe and ‘communicate’ motions of masses gravitationally. It is now expected that ground-based interferometric gravitational wave detectors and pulsar timing arrays will reach the necessary sensitivity to finally detect these elusive waves within this decade. But gravitational wave detectors are more than simple discovery machines; they will also open a new window to the Universe and allow us to directly observe the coherent bulk motion of massive, often highly relativistic objects.

The ''Gravitational Waves: New Frontier'' conference is organized to bring the world’s leading experts on gravitational wave detector technology, astrophysics and astronomy together to discuss the current status of the detectors, the research efforts to further improve existing or build new detectors and the worldwide efforts to prepare the science community for the new era of gravitational wave astrophysics and astronomy. In addition, this meeting will provide excellent introduction of this rapidly growing field to the Korean scientific community.

The conference program is designed to cover the current and future detectors, detection concepts and techniques, astrophysical perspectives and theoretical expectations in the context of open questions in cosmology, astrophysics, fundamental physics, and astronomy. The goal of this conference is to encourage active interactions and discussions between scientists with different backgrounds and expertise.



    The Korean Academy of Science and Technology (KAST)


    WCU Project: Hadronic Matter under Extreme Conditions




- Beyond aLIGO/VIRGO



- Atom Interferometer


- Pulsar Timing Array

- Inflation Probe

International Advisory Committee

        David Shoemaker (MIT)          Takaaki Kajita (U. Tokyo/ICRR)

        Peter Saulson (Syracuse)           Karsten Danzmann (LISA Europe)

        Robin 'Tuck' Stebbins (LISA US)    Francesco Fidecaro (VIRGO)

        David McClelland (ANU)        Bernard Schutz (LISA Europe)

        Gabriela Gonzalez (LSU)

Scientific Organizing Committee

        Guido Mueller (Co-Chair, U. Florida)

        Hyung Mok Lee (Co-Chair, SNU)

        Gungwon Kang (KISTI)              Hyun Kyu Lee (Hanyang U.)

        John J. Oh (NIMS)                   Seiji Kawamura (KAGRA)

        Stan Whitcomb (Caltech)             Hsien-Chi Yeh (HUST)

        Nergis Mavalvala (LIGO)            Benoit Mours (VIRGO)

        Pierre Binetruy (LISA Europe)    David Reitze (LIGO)

        Tarun Souradeep (IUCAA)          Shaul Hanany (U. Minnesota)

        Stefano Vitale (U. Trento/INFN)  Andrea Lommen (F&M College)

Local Organizing Committee

        Hyung Mok Lee (Chair, SNU)    Chunglee Kim (SNU)

        Hyunju Noh (SNU)                    Eunjung Oh (SNU)

        Hee Il Kim (SNU)                       Sang-Hoon Oh (NIMS)

        Edwin J. Son (NIMS)