Gravitational Waves: New Frontier


Venue :  Research Park, Seoul National University

Research Park, Seoul National University

   SNU Research Park is located near Rear Gate of SNU and it takes about 10 minutes by walk from the Hoam Faculty House, the arrival limousine bus stop.

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Google map - SNU Research Park

Banquet :  Marronnier Hall(2F), Hoam Faculty House, Seoul National University at 6:30 pm on Jan. 16 (Wed).

Hoam Faculty House

   Hoam Faculty House is the arrival limousine bus stop, so the limousine bus is the most convenient transportation from the Incheon international airport. It takes about 80 minutes, and the charge is KRW 15,000. It also takes about one hour by taxi, and the charge is around KRW 70,000. We reserve rooms for invited speakers.


Contact: +82-2-871-4053

Google map - Hoam Faculty House